Artists here are your tracks for review listed by artist name.  All tracks are under the exclusive ownership of the artist listed and are here for review.  Thank you for your business, and best wishes in music.   - Boxing Cat Studios

Artist notes 

Artists should review all tracks at different volumes and on different systems.  Use the highest quality available system you have.   Understand the difference between Mono and Stereo on the systems you are using.  Also, understand how space can create a mono sound.    Listening to songs on small cell phones is not a good review of your song.  Take ownership and do research on what you want to accomplish before entering the studio.  The studio costs are a flat rate and payable each day you enter the studio.  Fixed bid contracts for weekend recordings\album cuts are paid the day you arrive and are for 16 hours with 10 hours post\mastering.  All retakes are at a flat rate and follow the same principle.  Each time you enter the door. it is a new project.  So please kindly come prepared for the best experience possible.