Luminaa Band is a modern first wave electronic band heavily influenced by high energy music and bands rarely associated with the electronic genera.  We are passionate to succeed at our art and often listen to extreme driving beats delivered by hard rock and metal to infuse the ideas of our pop songs.  People are eager to see modern music performed and we are as well.  We spend our studio time learning how to create and perform all our sounds for the live stage.   We reach deep down for the delivery of content in each song and provide a high-energy physical and audio experience at our concerts. 

Luminaa band members have been working in the music scene for 23 years.  We continue to learn allot and we are not stopping to slow down.    We hope you stop out to see a show!   Bring a friend and prepare yourself for a good time.  Members include:  Todd Callihan, Tim Dimitri Craft and Special Guest Daniel Erickson

Luminaa Band is also investors and operators in Boxing Cat Studios.  Boxing Cat Studios is a full production music and video production studio.